Gathering a network of Prime Ministers around the continent of Africa, the CollatEd Lab ventures into strengthening the leadership capacities of ministries through instructing on evidence-based, sustainable governance strategies aimed at improving the abilities of Ministers to accelerate their country’s progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The bi-annual program is currently in its development process with its first cohort of Prime Ministers; in 2020, CollatEd’s Global Steering Committee will continue to develop a federal-level Long Term Strategic Development Program for its ministerial members.

CollatEd Lab focuses on integrating data-driven practices in emerging economies and ensuring that the 75% of developing countries projected to fall behind in the next decade will stay apace with Artificial Intelligence advancements, and the most innovative methods of curating effective policy solutions to complex challenges in digital society. This includes the inauguration of “Ministries of Data Science” to oversee the retention of significant economic, social and scientific value from data for the federal governments involved in the Global Steering Committee to further promote international-wide sustainable development initiatives. Ministries of Data Science will explore the design of policies for ensuring the social protection of workers in the gig economy.

Governmental Pathways

CollatEd provides the critical tools to pinpoint, address, and prevent public policy issues as well as foster high-impact opportunities between academic, private, and public sectors. In over 100 nations, CollatEd Lab taps into the potential of human-centered innovation through building policy infrastructure with governments and the UN for the purpose of making valuable investments in civil society. CollatEd Lab is a fundamental advancement to the digital knowledge economy in developing and developed countries, accelerating the impact of an intercultural society to reflect the modern standards of geopolitical decision making, technological proliferation, and leadership development. The lab’s multi-stakeholdership ideal overcomes the long-standing barrier of distrust of people against legislators, and allows Challenges to introduce the academic sector to hands-on policy development.

Prime Minister Global Leadership and Innovation Capacity Building

Ministry of Data Science Project

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CollatEd is a data-driven education technology NGO, the first that uses open innovation as a means of pedagogy to propel Education Sustainable Development in the Global Action Program network. By shaping researchers into global citizens through solving our signature Challenges™ in exchange for solutions to community and institutional sustainability problems, CollatEd assists world ministries to find practical policy applications of academic knowledge, all while strengthening research-based input to policymaking and working in global teams to facilitate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CollatEd Lab fosters sustainable development and innovation capacity building through operating as a policy consulting, strategic international-development NGO in order to empower communities and governments to more effectively respond to issues at the international, national, and regional levels. Moreover, CollatEd Lab works with Ministries of Education in order to facilitate the inaugural SDG Youth Action Festivals worldwide in partnership with the UN SDG Action Campaign.